Florida and New York Personal Injury Survival Guide

Personal Injury Survival Guide

Florida and New York Personal Injury Survival Guide is available on request from the HOME page of this website.  It contains helpful information should you or a loved-one become injured in an accident.  

I am happy to offer you a free-no obligation consultation regarding your injury.  All consultations with your Florida and New York Personal Injury Lawyer are confidential.

Also, all of our personal injury cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. That means that there is no-fee unless we recover money for you. Accordingly, you never have to worry about the cost of legal services and at the same time you have a lawyer working hard to win your case.

DUI warning from your Florida DUI Lawyer

DUI warning from your Florida DUI Lawyer!

The Holiday season results in a spike in DUI arrests.  There will be special task forces set-up by police to hunt for DUI drivers.

DUI is a serious offense. I hope that you find the information on this website to be valuable.

When drinking Alcohol

• Be very careful of the amount you’re drinking. Be mindful of your tolerance.

• Have a designated driver or call a cab.

• Do not let drunk friends drive.

When throwing a party

• Do not make it an alcohol only party. Offer water, juice, soda etc. And do not pressure any of your guests to drink alcohol.

• Serve food and appetizers.

• Stopping serving alcohol well ahead of party ending.

• Arrange for a ride from a sober guest, cab or a couch for intoxicated guests.

The best way to prevent a DUI is not to drive if you have had anything to drink. The difference between a DUI and a DUI Manslaughter case is dumb luck, believe me. Please do whatever is within your power to avoid driving if you have been drinking. Also, stop others from driving under influence.

DUI Survival Guide

On the Home page of this website there is a link to my Florida DUI Survival Guide.  I have spent considerable time putting together some practical information on DUI from traffic stop through resolution of the case. Florida DUI statutes and jury instructions are provided to help provide an understanding of the criminal charge of Florida DUI. I discuss the concept of Actual Physical Control and the various license suspensions involved with Florida DUI.  Additionally, I discuss the Department of Motor Vehicles administrative procedures and driver’s license suspension periods, as well as, hardship licenses. There are tips to navigating the process of a DUI arrest along with some helful forms and other resources.  I am happy email you a free copy of EBook.  Finally, be sure to take a look on this website to the section on Florida DUI.
Florida DUI Survival Guide

Florida Driving Under the Influence (DUI)-Bradenton DUI Lawyer

Bradenton DUI Lawyer

Florida Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is a serious offense that can has long lasting impact on your future.  DUI is one of the most common criminal charges in Florida. Your Bradenton DUI Lawyer is here to help.

A Florida DUI conviction cannot be expunged or sealed (it stays on your record for life). Also, a DUI conviction will cause your license to be suspended for a period of time.

Actual Physical Control (Florida DUI)

A person is guilty of DUI for driving or being in actual physical control of a vehicle while under the influence. Although, Driving speaks for itself, the concept of actual physical control is not as obvious.

“Actual physical control” of a vehicle means being physically in or on the vehicle and have the capability to operate the vehicle, regardless of whether he is actually operating the vehicle at the time. Therefore, sleeping-it-off in the back seat with the keys in your pocket will get you arrested for DUI.

I am a Bradenton DUI Lawyer. Also, I represent people charged with DUI in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Desoto, and Orlando. I am here to help. There is plenty of information on this website for you to look-over and you can order a Free copy of my eBook, “Florida DUI Survival Guide” for some additional information and tips. I am happy to offer you a Free and confidential consultation to discuss you case.

Florida Injury Attorney – Accidents Happen

Accident’s happen. And, will continue to happen. Also, a serious injury affects not only you but your family as well. We are Florida Inury Attorney’s and are here to help.

The injuries you have suffered may keep you in a hospital bed or home instead of earning a living. You may not be able to perform the simple physical tasks that are necessary to take care of your family and enjoy life.

Yet some people that think it is greedy for ‘the injured’ to seek justice for their personal injuries. However, our civil justice system can only provide money to compensate for your injuries and losses. Unfortunately, a personal injury case can’t bring back a loved-one that died because of a defective product any more than it can transport you back in time to the original health you had before your car was rear-ended at that stop light.

Consequently, if someone’s negligence caused your injury then you have a right to hold that person responsible.

Types of accidents:
• Slip and fall accidents
• Negligent security situations
• Accidents on public property
• Auto accidents
• Motorcycle accidents
• Train accidents
• Airplane accidents
• Bus accidents
• Defective product accidents
• Rear-end collisions
• Head-on collisions
• Auto vs. pedestrian collisions
• Auto vs. bicycle collisions
• Dangerous roadway accidents
• Uninsured and underinsured motorist claims
• Drunk driver collisions
• Wrongful death
• Burn injuries
• Dog bites

The above list is just a sample of personal inry cases. Accordingly, there are many more types of personal injury cases.

Florida Injury Attorney

Call Florida Injury Attorney Ralph F. Guerra. We are happy to answer your questions. Consultations are confidential and free.